I would love to work with your library!

Library Fresh gives branches a refresh

The service consists of:

1. Hands-­on, quick improvements conducted over two half-­days on site. Rearrangement, decluttering, furnishings, lighting, shelving changes, etc. are some tools in our toolbox. A small budget for purchases, vetted by the library, is recommended.

2. A "Next Steps" report, delivered after the site visits, including specific purchase suggestions, plans for moderate changes, and concepts for larger (but achievable) projects.

These modest improvements are not intended to “wow” people. They instead create lasting refinement of the user experience and generate momentum for more.

“Good design is a lot harder to notice than poor design, in part because good designs fit our needs so well that the design is invisible.”
— Donald A. Norman, The Design of Everyday Things

Why not have library staff do this?

A design specialist brings skills, experience, “political cover”, and dedicated time to improvements that are often missed or deferred for any number of reasons.

About me

I have over 25 years experience as a professional librarian, most of those as a branch manager or leading online services. I have led substantial facility improvements at four locations, including San Diego Public Library’s old Central Library lobby, computer lab, AV collection, and Social Science & Business section. At Linda Vista Branch Library I created a new early learning space, art gallery, and public plaza and have implemented numerous other improvements. I have also been used as an ‘internal consultant’ at seven other SDPL sites.

My design background includes internships in urban planning, coursework in studio architecture and furniture design, and a certificate course in user experience design.