100k Transit Passes from BYU & Utah Valley University

I wrote about a few transit-library partnerships. Here's a similar one with two university partners. Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University are providing free Provo-Orem transit passes to all of their students and employees — plus their spouses and dependents - for ten years. Combined, free passes will be given to more than 100,000 people annually.

“Holland said the UVU contract will be covered by reallocating a combination of existing revenue, including the existing UTA student fee fund, employee benefits funding, and parking pass revenue. UVU will increase the cost of an annual parking pass from $90 to $115 to help cover the cost; however, current student fees will not increase.”

Love seeing smart efforts like this to redirect spending on parking into general mobility. Don't know that the university libraries have a role in this project, but have in others.

This article was updated on May 1, 2021